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Protein molecular motors supporting life are far superior to synthetic molecular machines in many aspects [1-3]. We unveil operation principles of protein molecular motors with single-molecule imaging [4]. To understand their design principles, we also engineer non-natural protein molecular motors with high-throughput screening.

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[1] Iino R et al, Chemical Reviews (2020) "Introduction: Molecular Motors"
[2] The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 "The design and synthesis of molecular machines"
[3] Peplow M, Nature (2015) "The tiniest Lego: a tale of nanoscale motors, rotors, switches and pumps"
[4] An Interview posted in the website of IMS (April 2, 2020)


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We also welcome highly-motivated PhD students. Contact: iino_at_ims.ac.jp (change _at_ to @)

News from our group, Old news

[Papers and Reviews]

Jul 13, 2020 Satoshi's paper has been published in ACS Appl Bio Mater!

Jul 6, 2020 Kei-ichi's paper has been published in J Phys Chem B!
Press release in EurekAlert

Jun 9, 2020 Akihiko's review article has been published in Biophysics and Physicobiology! Open access
Featured on the cover!

Jan 23, 2020 Jun's paper has been published in Scientific Reports! Open access
Press release in EurekAlert

Jan 10, 2020 Akasit's paper has been online publshed in J Biol Chem! Open access

Jan 8, 2020 Served as a guest editor of "Molecular Motors" Thematic Issue of Chemical Reviews with Zev, Kazushi!
Introduction: Molecular Motors Open access

[Members and Awards]

Aug 7, 2020 Dr. Tatsuya Nojima (Southeast University, China) will stay in our lab for a while.

Aug 7, 2020 We had a second farewell party for Monique (Internship student from LMU Munich, Germany)!

Jul 16, 2020 Ju-Young joined as a Specially Appointed Research Employee at NINS (joint with Prof. Haw Yang at Princeton Univ)

May 1, 2020 Yayoi joined as a Technical Assistant and Akihiro has been appointed as an Assistant Professor

Apr 3, 2020 We took a group photo

Apr 1, 2020 Monique will stay in our lab for a while, because her flight has been canceled many times...

Mar 27, 2020 We had a farewell party for Monique (Internship student from LMU Munich, Germany)!

Mar 2, 2020 Akihiro got an offer letter of JSPS Research Fellow PD!

Feb 13, 2020 We had a farewell party for Ling (Internship student from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)!

Jan 1, 2020 Iino serve as an Editorial Board member of Biophysical Journal

Jan 1, 2020 Akihiro joined our lab as a JSPS Resarch Fellow PD!

[Presentations and Events]

Dec 19, 2020 Iino give a talk in Pacifichem 2020 Rescheduled to Dec 16-21, 2021

May 26-28, 2020 Iino attend Workshop on interferometric scattering microscopy @Erlangen, Germany Online

Feb 24, 2020 Iino give a talk in Department of Physics, Oregon State University

Feb 17, 2020 Iino give a talk in 2020 Biophysical society annual meeting @San Diego

Jan 28-31, 2020 Iino visit Prof. Haw Yang lab at Princeton University to discuss collaboration

Jan 8, 2020 Iino give a talk in The 1st International Symposium on Molecular Engine @Chiba