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One of the exciting features of material science is its diversity. The unlimited combinations, connecting modes, and arrangements of elements enable a wide variety of structures and functions. Among several molecular materials, our group is focusing on molecules with open-shell electronic states, such as organic radicals and magnetic metal complexes. The unpaired electrons in such molecular materials are expected to produce exotic physical properties that are not realized by conventional closed-shell molecules or inorganic materials. We aim to develop novel photonic, magnetic, and electronic functions based on these open-shell molecules to provide breakthrough and innovations in material science. The road to discover something new is neither straight nor flat; we sometimes face to unexpected difficulties and problems in our research. By overcoming these, we can reach truly stirring findings that have never been disclosed. Let's enjoy the diversity of material science and find something impressive in natural science with us!

What's IMS?
What's Kusamoto Group?

We welcome graduate students and Ph.D researchers

We welcome students who are interested in preparing photo-, electro-, and magneto-functional novel molecules or in developing new molecular functions. Institue for Molecular Science (IMS) is one of the world's leading institutes for molecular science, then you can conduct exciting researches with a variety of experimental equipiments and excellent researchers. You are going to enter the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) as a graduate course student (here), to enjoy researches in Kusamoto Group. We have several financial supports for students, such as research assistant (RA) program (\850,000/year) and SRA program (\1,700,000 each for first and second years, and \2,300,000 each for third to fifth years). Detailed information on entrance examination of SOKENDAI are shown here. If you are interested in our group, please contact Dr. Kusamoto (kusamoto [at] ims.ac.jp)

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Kusamoto Group
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