IMS Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems (CIMoS)

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Logo Design


The sky-blue symbol on the left-hand side is the logo of the Institute for Molecular Science (IMS). "CIMoS," on the right hand side, is the abbreviation for Research Center of Integrative Molecular Systems. The homophone, "cymose," means "a simple type of inflorescence,"─that is, a flower cluster made up of a repeat of a particular pattern of flowering in which the first flower sits on the tip of a primary axis, with subsequent flowers on the tips of secondary axes branched from the primary axis. Because of its higher-order repeat, a magnified view of a local part becomes similar to its overall view (self-similarity). The self-similarity between the part and system itself (a fractal relationship) is reminiscent of key molecules functioning in concert over multiple layers of hierarchies, resulting in superior functioning of the molecular system as a whole.