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Lecture Schedule & Annual Events

Lecture Schedule 2021

Dept. of Structural Molecular Science
Dept. of Functional Molecular Science

For the lecture of once a week 10:30-12:30, 13:30-15:30
For the Intensive Course    10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Myodaiji Area : Seminar Room #301, Research Building
Yamate Area : Meeting room 3rd Floor, Yamate Building No.4

*The time and place may change. Please check the syllabus.
*The deadline for submission of Course Registration (Rishuu) :
For the 1st semester : Late April, For the 2nd semester : Late October
*Lectures will not be offered, if there are no registered students.

1st Semester

Lecture (once a week)

Molecular Functional Materials(Functional)
【Yamate Area】

Intensive Course

June 29,30

July 6,7,8

Fundamental Physical Chemistry I(Common)
【Myodaiji Area】
July 13,14,15,16 Fundamental Photo-science(Common)
【Myodaiji Area】

2nd Semester

Lecture (once a week)

October 19,26
November 2,9,16,22,29

Fundamentals of Biomolecular Science(Common)【Myodaiji Area】
January 4,11,18,25
February 1,8,15
Complex Catalysis(Functional)
【Yamate Area】

Intensive Course

November 30
December 1,2,3
Structural Biomolecular
Science(Structural)【Myodaiji Area】
December 7,8,9,10 Introduction to biomolecular simulation (Common)
【Myodaiji Area】
December 14,15,16,17 Fundamental Electronic Physics (Structural)
【Myodaiji Area】

*You can check for more information of "Introduction to biomolecular simulation (Common)" and "Functional Biomolecular Science (Functional)",

Summer Holiday : August 23 - October 4
Winter Holiday : December 29 - January 3
Spring Holiday : February 18 - March 31

2021 Annual Events

Entrance Ceremony: April 6 Online
IMS Open campus: June 5 Online
Summer Trial Enrollment: TBA
Entrance Examination: August 23-24
Public Presentation: August 25
Entrance Examination: September 29-30
Graduation Ceremony: September 28
Entrance Ceremony: October 5
Asian Winter School: TBD

Entrance Examination: January 24-25
Public Presentation: January 26
Graduation Ceremony: March 24